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Frequently Asked Questions

Generally speaking, the cost of influencer marketing varies based on the size of the individual’s follower base. However, we seek to gain as many placements as possible by simply providing free product to key influencers. Once we have audited your influencer marketing strategy, we will work together to determine a budget and influencers that will be the best fit for you.

Technically, when an influencer posts content about your product or service, they own the rights to it. This includes any photos or videos featuring the content. An image rights agreement is how we ensure that you have rights to use any of those images or videos for your own social media platforms and other uses as well. Typically, the agreement will specify the terms of use for those images, but ultimately, you will be able to use them in any future marketing campaign that does not involve the influencer.

Given that influencer marketing is still a relatively new field, there are very few legal requirements you need to be aware of. Most important to note is that many social networks are now requiring that any sponsored posts be labeled as ads so viewers are aware that what they are looking at is, in fact, an advertisement.

In addition, there are a number of best practices you should abide by to keep your company and the influencer safe. As with any business arrangement, a contract should be negotiated, written, and signed prior to the campaign’s launches. This helps to eliminate discrepancies.

Once you have identified the influencers you want to work with and the details of the agreement have been negotiated, the campaign will launch. Typically, the agreement will include stipulations around the number of posts the influencer will share, as well as the timeline.

As long as the influencer follows these guidelines stated in the agreement, it is best to let them have freedom in the way they talk about the product. You are working with them because of their voice and style, so if you try to change it, their audience will know and may not be interested in your product.

By establishing themselves on social media platforms, influencers have developed a significant following of people who trust their opinion. If an influencer features or recommends your products, some of that trust is transferred from the influencer to your brand. When a company connects with an influencer whose individual brand and audience align perfectly with the product, that’s when the true magic happens in an influencer marketing strategy.

Get turn-key influencer outreach that nails the details
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